Jollibee\’s Captain America Collectibles

While my B is still on his afternoon nap, its my perfect time to check the schedule of movies online and look for the last full show sked for Captain America: The First Avenger.
Shoot! the 9pm movie date with hubby  is now scheduled later tonight… yes, a movie date meaning it will be just the two of us going out. Anyway, my toddler has already joined this Captain America craze with these collectible toy gadgets from Jollibee:
I recently bought the Shield Alarm to add up on B\’s collection, the Star Disc Launcher and  Voice Activator Shield was bought by his tita and daddy. Now the only left to buy is the limited edition tumbler for B and his cousin =)

3 responses to “Jollibee\’s Captain America Collectibles”

  1. my little boy has these toys, too. they really love these types of toys where they can pretend to be a hero, too. thanks for the visit mommy 🙂


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