Toddler Talk

I had a conversation with my toddler last night about Santa Claus and how he generously leave his  gifts to good children while they were asleep. Emphasizing the part where only \”good children\” are being rewarded for being nice and the part that gifts were left under the Christmas tree on Christmas eve. 
This  morning, I woke up from the sound of his voice loudly asking \”mommy, where are the gifts? where? where?\”, I guess he got too excited for the gifts that it fast forward on waking up and finding the gift. So I have to explain to him again emphasizing now the patience of waiting and the need to be a good boy at all times. 
Its good that we often engage in small conversation like this helping him to communicate well. He does know a few words and sometimes he can\’t seem to express exactly what\’s on his mind so I encouraged him to explain further by pointing out things that will described the word or make actions to help me understand what he was trying to say.
Earlier today\’s topic is about having a baby sister, Ooops! we got the topic after her 6mos. old cousin visited us and I diverted his thoughts by suggesting to get a pet instead. He\’s only 3 and taking care of a pet requires a lot of time and teaching so how about getting him a Jellycat Stuffed Animals? He can have a wide selection from bunnies to zebras to the more familiar dogs and cats. Our conversation always goes with helping him pronounce letters correctly, \”ba-ba-bunnies, duh-duh-dog!\”

He did a good job copying the sound of words and chooses the cuddly \”duh-dug-dog!\”   to be his JellyCat companion. Acquiring a real pet will definitely be  years ahead from now. Mommy\’s not yet ready to supervised him with all the responsibilities and work of having a pet at home.

2 responses to “Toddler Talk”

  1. Oh…now your kid is looking for a little sister? ^_^ Good thing that you changed the topic. If you continue talking about having a little sister I believe that he will ask Santa Claus for it.


  2. Actually we are planning to have another baby early next year! hopefully another healthy child but girl at this time. I guess he needs a playmate or someone to share things with…


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