Raising a Reader

I first introduced book to my B when he was 2, I bought this pre-school pop-up  book \”What kind of Rabbit are you\” from  booksale and he did enjoy the bright and colorful illustrations making us look for more to read.

Now we practice having a  regular reading time along with the line-up of his fave books which includes Good Night My Duckling, Five Little Monkeys, and my very own pick Good Night Little Rabbit which teaches him to seat on his potty (good job!).

Books were bought for less than a 100 pesos each from booksale so we did not spend  a bundle  for  collecting all these! Husband and I patiently dig up from piles looking for a great find adding up to his small library to promote his love for reading. I set an example by showing my fondness for books and he imitates!  That\’s the first thing to do on how to raise a reader  set an example, and the rest will comes naturally as you let him enjoy the book on his own way…

Here\’s a recent buy from husband who brags about a great steal of getting a unique personalized picture book for only 65 pesos:

This Picture Me Numbers 123 learning book was developed to provide a fun new way to learn essential early concepts. The author says that \”Learning is fun when baby is part of the picture!\” and she\’s right. It promotes skills like number recognition, vocabulary, and visual discrimination the fun way.

Get your child ready for reading by starting to collect  books with flaps, pop-ups, have moving parts…etc., to make it more interactive and fun! (Don\’t forget to check out on booksale coz the original  price doesn\’t come cheap).

3 responses to “Raising a Reader”

  1. especially nowadays that very few are patient enough to read, we really must raise our children to love reading, and i guess the best way is to set a good example and collect books for them..by the way, for more mommy thoughts, you may want to check out on On Expensive Toys


  2. I'm trying to make my son love reading too. I introduced books to him as early as 5 months hehehe I bought lots of cheap books from Learning Is Fun Bookstore. Nice blog 🙂


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