Go Green living with ECOTRADE

The word \”Eco-Friendly\” refers to goods or services  that is nature friendly meaning it doesn\’t harm our Environment. With the frequent occurrence of natural calamities, it becomes a reminder of our duty to be  responsible;  to be aware on what we can do to prevent  damages to our surroundings.
Our city government here in Muntinlupa, started implementing ordinance which prohibits the use of  non-biodegradable materials such as plastic bags and styrofoams. Its our way of preventing what causes floods during typhoon and heavy rain.

Promotion of environmental  products is now being prioritized by major business establishments signifying a good cause in \”Going Green\” for mother nature. And as a consumer, we must ensure patronage to Eco-Friendly products as our own way of help in nurturing and taking good care of our environment.
As part of my individual advocacy on going green, here\’s an introduction to ECOTRADE a specialized e-marketplace for environmental friendly related products from Korea. Its a Green-tech company that provides useful links, latest issues and trends about environmental industry and trade. 

ECOTRADE Premier Environmental B2B Marketplace

Founder of ECOTRADE, Korea Environmental Technology and Industry Institute (KEITI) is a subsidiary governmental institute established to improve the quality of life by securing the global leadership of the environment industry and climate change through promoting the development and supply of green technology and green product which are the core of green growth.  

So, if you\’re one of those who are enlightened seeking to be more environmentally-responsible, start with a simple step of changing ways of living by using eco-friendly products and services.


4 responses to “Go Green living with ECOTRADE”

  1. just notice when your walking around our country even in the province you can see sachets of shampoos .soap or whatebver buried in dirts or floating im ditches or rivers.just stop this small as they say economical pack ruin our environment.buy somethimng like big botlle to be consume for the whole month.ALL THIS GREEN EFFORT WILL BE WASTED if we dont stop buying small packs.


  2. Agree, sachets turn into bulk of non-biodegradable materials! As for me, I always buy large refillable packs to save more, and uses ecobag for groceries. =)


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