Contemporary Chandeliers

My sister  temporary lives with us until  the newly hired nanny becomes familiar with all her duties. Both of them occupy the second room at home and by request (from sis), they uses a dim light bulb. Whenever I walked-in to their room, i noticed that the room looks warm and welcoming. It gives a more calm  and relaxed ambiance.  
Lighting really creates a huge difference in improving the appearance of room areas and can set moods around the home. So what i have in mind now, is to create inviting presence in our dining room by using chandeliers to give accent and focal design. While i can use lamps to decorate the living room making it a soft area perfect for relaxing.
I don\’t think that the classic crystal version of  chandeliers will complement  our dining furnitures, contemporary chandeliers would be the best match. My sister suggested to look for something more contemporary and simple, for not so-classic feel of the area.
Upon browsing displays from george kovacs chandeliers interesting designs, this Torii 4 Light Penant was the best choice to complement the dining room emphasizing a japanese inspired modern approach.

The choice was not as embellished and complex in details, just right for the unique touch of style which strongly agrees with my taste!


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