Jake and the Neverland Pirates Printables

The Ben Tennyson fever at home is finally over! 
We rarely visit Cartoon Network now since Disney Junior replaced Playhouse Disney (July11) along with its brand new show: \”Jake and the Neverland Pirates\”.
Its sad that I will  no longer play the character of Gwen Tennyson (haha! affected) I\’m Izzy now , who has the ability to fly \’coz of the pixie dust given by Tinkerbell. Our wooden furnitures the dining and sala set, transforms into our pirate ship during \”Jake playtime\”. =) 
shiver me timbers! =)
Daddy becomes the Captain hook, and who else would be Jake, the main character who leads the crew? No other than B who always got excited (over and over again) singing the opening theme song. I was tagged along to sing and go  marching, encircling our imaginary  treasure chest when its time to count the collected gold doubloon.
When leaving for work, I was always asked to bring home the Jake toy! Since I have no time to look from nearby malls and market stalls,  and I don\’t even think the Jake collectibles was already here considering the show came out only last month; I decided to make these coloring pages in addition  to  the stickers I made.

I punched every pages and cut the red paper clip into 2 to bind, to make it more of a coloring book. And my B really appreciate the personalized coloring book, making it part of his daily activity even he already finished every pages (I think im gonna print another set again!).


3 responses to “Jake and the Neverland Pirates Printables”

  1. Ooh! My 4 year old will LOVE these. He's a fan of the show, too. He wants to be a pirate for Halloween – I suspect there will be lots of pirates roaming the streets this year. Thanks for sharing.


  2. When my son was 5 years old, I also make a personalized coloring book as his giveaway for his birthday. Thank God for free printables online. He really likes to color before, now, ayaw na ayaw na niya. hehehe!


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