Mommy Moments: Sports

Its midnight and im so late for today\’s sharing… (whew!) But hey, what matters is that I did make it, hitting 2 consecutive fridays in a row!  =)
I\’m on night shift again at work and I can\’t missed this week\’s topic because its a perfect timing that  I woke up this afternoon and saw my B holding and proudly showing the ball that daddy bought for him. So I quickly grab my then low batt digicam and successfully capture pics for this post. 

My B after his game =)

While dribbling, he repeatedly says \”look mommy, big boy na ko\”  for he was able to use a ball, same sized with what daddy  uses on  court games. Basketball is usually dominated by tall players. Husband stands 6feet tall and B at 3 is quite big for his age, so I really think that like his daddy (MVP player!) basketball would be the sport that he will definitely be into.
showing his moves!
Being into sports help our child to develop sportsmanship, nurture social skills, gain self- confidence and discipline, a good start to be competitive, and a lot more! I am trying to introduce now the basic concept of winning and losing because one time he engaged into playing car race and he loses; his playmate call him \”loser\”. In which he really got mad,  really, really  mad! That time I patiently explained to him that winning isn\’t an all time victory.  Losing point out our mistakes, teaches us to excel  and be more prepared for the next time. (argh! needs more explaining to do).

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