Trade Show Display

Bazaar, products expo, trade fair  or trade show is another way to promote a business, giving opportunity to display and introduce products to potential customers. When signing up for a trade booth space, the total cost involved always determines whether or not to invest in a trade show.  Meaning you should first calculate the overall cost vs. the amount of business or leads you can generate.

Next thing to consider is the set-up location and the need to come up with a good company introduction in your booth  to effectively  market your products or services. Some exhibitors uses logo mats or logo canopy to create an eye catching company presentation.

Trade show flooring as well as trade show carpet conveys an inviting  presence adding up a nice comfortable touch to any exhibit. As the customers stepped-in, make sure not to be too pushy, provide detailed answers on customer\’s queries and don\’t forget  to come up with  a short registration form asking their full name, address, and contact numbers for referrals or follow-ups.

I remember i got our wedding caterer thru a Bridal Show display and i was drawn to commit  because  of the presentor\’s nice and friendly approach, i was well introduced to their  packages making me ask for more infos, taking home a complete catalogue of  food choices with corresponding price and soon visited their shop and finally, the sale aggreement was made!

I am the type who easily got tired of having too many choices so i always make sure that i end up with just 2 or 3 to review for price and quality comparison. At that time, i\’m thankful enough to accidentally discover a trade show that unexpectedly introduce me to \”Towns Delight\” as our  official wedding caterer.

Talked about finding something you\’re not actually searching for, and that\’s how trade show works! Its cleverly inviting…

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