Free stuff from Denso

My father\’s line of work was on automotive parts and repair, so Denso sounds familiar to me; i simply knew it as a global supplier of automotive technology systems and components.
Earlier today, we went to Alabang Town Center for my B\’s haircut at B-Bums (my fave salon) and just we\’re about to leave the mall, we got the chance to receive a free stuffed toy from Denso. The promo girl approached and informed us that they are giving away this car stuffed toy if we register our 2000 (and up)  car model, details given were name (ofcourse!) car model/year, contact no., email add and some quick survey if you\’re familiar with Denso along with their products/services.

Husband agrees to register to get free stuff for our toddler. We are advised that we can also register another car owner so we can take home 2 stuffed toys, so we registered again in behalf of my BIL to get another one. =)
It comes with 2 small pack of 3M Auto Shampoo and a booklet of car owner\’s guide for maintenance and repair.
Look! a perfect substitute for Lightning McQueen… the best part? its FREE.

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