Fraxel Laser Treatment

Way back, I  was employed as receptionist in a well-known facial center in the country. I had the chance to meet clients, (sometimes a famous celebrity!) face to face before and after their treatment sessions, so I can attest that laser technology produces great results in enhancing skin condition. 

As a front liner, my job was to welcome clients and ask them to fill up forms for personal infos and their skin care concern then immediately place them on one-on-one  consultation with our beauty consultant or resident Dermatologist. I answer telephone calls on  appointment schedules and other services or promotional queries, handles treatment records and sometimes makes a follow up and reminder of our clients\’ next visit.

The highly recommended was Fraxel, a safe non-invasive facial treatment for those with acne scars condition or for those who seek skin resurfacing or skin  rejuvenation for ageless beauty. Definitely a revolutionary approach on laser technology\’s  fast results with  minimal downtime.

Fraxel offers immediate result for reducing fine lines, wrinkles and skin pigmentation. If you starting to notice early signs of wrinkling around your eyes and mouth; i say, you\’re a good candidate for this procedure. Go come or call  for a free consultation at Fraxel Laser Sydney Clinic, a specialist in the fraxel laser technology field that  have had many satisfied clients over the years. Highly qualified surgeons and doctors with years of experiences and training will address your concern and gives overview on procedure and after care.

Definitely  the most effective technology that promises to refine, restore and repair skin damage caused by aging, sun, acne and medical conditions. Remarkable results was clearly displayed by our famous celebrities out there who by the way takes the most advantage of  getting  fresh and youthful look even for how many years had passed.


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  1. Yay! I worked there for a month?(haha!) not really my ideal job. Actually galing abroad ako that time so ayoko mabakante so any job will do, then finally got hired as systems support here in our Gaming Corp… =)


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