PEX on Household Water System and its benefits

While I have only limited know hows when it comes to plumbing fixture and drain repair, I was told that plumbing with PEX tubing is more convenient and ideally suited for potable water plumbing applications. So when i ask my MIL for help in hiring a plumber to do repairs on household piping system, i am convinced and agreed to choose PEX over copper piping and concluded that it was an excellent piping material for hot and cold water systems. Piping basics was explained  so i can thoroughly understand every pros and cons that entirely  depends on our need for repair or rather complete re-installation.

PEX is a generic term for cross linked polyethylene. It is flexible, making it easy to install and service. PEX is able to withstand the high and low temperatures found in plumbing and heating applications, and is highly resistant to chemicals found in the plumbing environment. Its an approved material in all the current model-plumbing codes; however, some jurisdictions using older versions of these codes may not have amended the code to include PEX tubing. 
Flexible systems are quieter than rigid piping. The smooth interior will not corrode which can affect other materials long term pipe flow characteristics. PEX is also very freeze- break resistant. PEX systems have fewer joints and are easier to install providing a lower cost installation over traditional plumbing materials. As for me, PEX is the obvious choice for Household Water System applications as it is robust and has better capacity to perform optimally even in high temperature conditions. What i like most is the less trial fittings~ that means fewer chances of leakage! Our household water system was re-installed using PEX and i was quite satisfied on its easy installation that saves up time and energy.

Read more if you might want  increase your plumbing basic knowledge to compare and discover its cost saving benefits.


One response to “PEX on Household Water System and its benefits”

  1. PEX is an excellent piping substance for hot and cold water systems, especially since PEX is flexible and well adapted for temperatures below freezing all the way up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.


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