Printable Worksheets for Toddler

According to, kids under age 6 should watch only an average of about 2 hours of screen media a day, primarily TV and videos or DVDs. Admit it, television serves as our  care taker keeping our child busy allowing us to  attend errands at home without getting interrupted. Given that \”too much on anything causes harm\” my toddler already display  signs of TV addiction so i cut back and make a good deal of choosing only his favorites and taught him how to tell when  the clock shows the time of his much-awaited TV programs.
Although media provides a good support on child\’s education and learning, its still best to engaged on  activities that focuses  more on reading skills which can actually form good study habits.
If my B was restrained  from  watching, i  gave him   Pre-school worksheets to practice the hand grasp and writing skills  keeping him busy on a more sensible way.
I also showered him connect the dots activity pages that gets him from scribbling  into tracing  Capital and small letters:

I strongly recommend keeping up rules of implementing limited access on television =). Needless to say, educational programs are advisable and beneficial but too much on television also comes with harmful effects. So make sure to observe the following  TV-watching guidelines for toddlers:

4 responses to “Printable Worksheets for Toddler”

  1. I agree! The fast forwarding of events in TV and DVD affects the way kids perceive the world. They become impatient in real life because everything is slower as comapred with whats happening in TV.


  2. Thanks for sharing the site. I always buy activity books for my kids. Now, I can save by just visiting this site.You're correct. Kids should only have a limited hours of tv time … right now, I have a hard time implementing that with my children because I think they were used to watching tv as often as they want when I was still working. I instructed my house helper to limit my children's tv time, I just don't know if she's doing it … every time I come home from work, television is usually off.Thanks for visiting my blog and about your question whether rubbing alcohol gets rid of old ink marks … yes it does. I already washed my daughter's blouse several times before I learned about the effectiveness of rubbing alcohol.


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