Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea

Its our upcoming 4th wedding Anniversary and we agreed  of exchanging gifts starting from this occassion to make an extra effort to be sweeter and more thoughtful. Well, i just found this  Message on a Necklace gift set, a perfect gift idea for that unique and sentimental touch that i\’ve always looked for.

The Message on a Necklace gift set includes:
  • A sparking Sterling Silver necklace of your choice
  • Glass vial pendant to contain your message
  • An extra copy of the miniature 1.5cm X 4cm message
  • A large version of the message displayed through a PVC window on a beautifully presented silver keepsake box (made out of cardboard).
I\’m positive that this personalised jewellery  will surely express my deep emotion and gratitude for more years to come, having to add my own message was just awesome!

3 responses to “Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea”

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