Jake and the Neverland Pirates toys?

Ahoy Mates!
I accomplished  the  Jake and the Neverland Pirates cut-outs project for my toddler in response to his endless request for the  \”Jake toys\”. Since there wasn\’t any available at malls and toy displays, I made an extra effort to came up with  what this playful little pirate had been hunting for.
Husband bought a Pirate ship which  I cleverly  turned into this:

While  I add up these action figures err, i mean cut-outs of Jake and the cast to complete the treasure hunt adventure!

Hmn, someone\’s enjoying stuffs here =)

I totally enjoyed doing  art crafts, I remember having my self- made  paper dolls when I was in grade school together with my own design of its clothes and accessories leaving me charmed and entertained with my precious possession. 


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