Monetize your blog with PostNJoy

PostNjoy is a platform that connects advertisers with bloggers who have own blog or social media. It enables advertisers to operate the advertising campaigns at a much lower cost and bloggers can make money simply by reviewing and promoting other products, this will be the easiest way ever to make money blogging. 
Everyone has a chance to win, you can earn entry prize of $2 up to grand prize of $100 or more depending on advertiser\’s campaign offer. I signed up last July 2011 and started participating on blog marketing services wherein I completed a total of 4 opps which earned me this:

Have earned $49 from July- Sept. 2011

Available minimum request for cash out  is $20 sent directly to your paypal account. Here\’s my payment proof after I requested  my  prize awards for 2 opps worth $33:

Another fun easy money on blogging, SIGN-UP  now and get started!


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