Transfer Alertpay Funds to Bank Account

I finally got my payment from microWorkers  for finishing numerous micro jobs. Unfortunately, it only process payment thru alertpay and moneybookers, my payment was deposited on my alertpay account but to my dismay, bank withdrawals here in Philippines is not possible, while check withdrawals are temporarily unavailable (constantly checking on this, seems like its permanently unavailable!)
So, i  search for a trusted seller who can directly move my alertpay funds on my bank account. And voila! have found Pinoy Gold Exchanger (PGX) so i moved on and succesfully exchange  my e-currency to cash.
Here are  the 2 simple steps to follow:
  •  Login to your Verified alertpay account (got my verification using credit card) and  click Send Money to: PGX email.
  •  Login to your PGX account,  sell your e-currency  and provide complete details, and  wait for a Spend Receipt verification notice sent on your email.

I made a request last Oct. 8, and received my cash transfer last Oct. 19.

After i lost my interest on MicroWorkers because on bank withdrawals issue; now, im back again  to finish more tasks. =)

4 responses to “Transfer Alertpay Funds to Bank Account”

  1. I transferred my Microworkers earning to Moneybookers and up to now, its still there.. its such a pity that Microworkers doesnt use PayPal anymore.. kaya I dont visit them anymore.


  2. Why not try PGX to transfer your earnings? same with me,its been a while since i last visited microWorkers but now that found out how to get my earnings, im back again to complete more tasks.


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