Vtech Nitro Notebook

We are now graciously making a Christmas countdown and i have already made an arrangement with my relative  to please buy the Leap frog Leap Pad Learning Tablet, this item has been on my wish  list for months already and im dying to have it as a  gift for  B.
Last Christmas, i remember having the Vtech Educational Laptop on my list and this is my late update on what turns out on my plan to buy it:
Yup! i was saved on buying that laptop and instead got this  Vtech Nitro Notebook that my nephew lend to us. Mother says that nephew already lost interest using it coz he already capable answering those 80 activities and he\’s not challenge anymore getting a perfect score for every game and activity he choose to play. 
My B\’s using this notebook for quite a while, and he begins to master the activities on shapes, social studies, word challenge and fun games. Educational toys are really worth the price!

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