Halloween Trick or Treat 2011

We were invited by my former office mate to come celebrate trick or treat at their office and enjoy their different themed station that adds up excitement for the kids. Here are some pics from last night\’s jam packed fun celebration:
Red mask- final touch up on \”The Flash\” costume.
Doing his rounds on cubicles for treats.
Naruto and friends =)
At Smurfs Village
Have you watched this movie?
with Barbie.
with his instant friend, Superman.
tired and irritated Sailormoon for the picture taking. (still, adorable!)
Enjoyed play fight with tandem, Batman and Robin.
Husband\’s fave shot! Flash as he is… =)
What a cute puppy =)
Scary white lady with anak ni Janice…hehe
almost done… a taste test from trick or treat\’s basket.
Children with scary and cutie halloween costume was all around the place, i wasn\’t able to capture photos of their get ups, but like my B, i also had a great time looking and enjoying their little surprises.
 supportive mommy ever!
its 11pm already and i can\’t make him wait till tomorrow.
(last, last, and another last one to taste!)

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