Christmas Gift Ideas?

I recently  started  my Christmas shopping list to be fulfilled. Unlike others, i\’m too relaxed for i\’ve got only a short list of presents to buy! surely i\’ve got enough  time and not stressing myself out of which is the best gift to give to my family and friends. 
I\’m not really good in choosing a gift, i remember having in mind giving something useful and practical to my friend\’s daughter and i ended up buying 3-pairs of socks. And when the 7 year old girl opened it, it\’s like \”Aaayy\” oh, well she never really said something like that but i can tell that\’s exactly what she meant to say from \’that\’ certain look of dismay from her face.
I should\’ve bought girls accessories, toys or something but instead just grab the first useful piece that came in mind. Hah! Now i\’m careful enough to choose something to wrap to get that best reactions  from my recipients. Focusing on my goal to capture the excitement (not disappointments!) from everyone on my gift list.
To start with, i proceeded checking out this item from amazon for my dear aunt who just got out from the hospital,  i think this one\’s perfect:
What do you think?  confident much i\’m not gonna fail on this one. I spent an hour looking for something good enough for less than $20 and found this under health and personal care, and the best part? I didn\’t pay it with cash, i used my amazon gift cards which i earned from my My SocialMoms reward system. Oh yes! i feel good already =)

And just this morning, my SIL confirmed my personalized design to be printed on mugs to give to my office mates. Classic i know, but that\’s less time consuming, can\’t imagine picking up a unique gift for each one. At this time, i make my life easy crossing out 12 names on my list with just a single order. 

 Corporate mugs with initials from DigitalBlink:

Tonight i talked to B saying we are going to the mall tomorrow morning to buy gifts for other kids. He excitedly agree, giving me names of his friends to add up on my list. I assumed he will help me picking gifts for them and not buying for himself. I already gave an early Christmas present to him, the Hottest Toy this year in which i got easily disappointed whenever he chooses to play with his PSP instead (how awful!).

How about you, any Christmas gift giving mishaps to share?

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