Reloadable Prepaid Card from Western Union

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This year, am gonna start it right.

Another challenging aspect of being a mom is to be able to handle financial the right way. Handling financial is not just about being able to pay the bills, never running out of grocery stocks, and saving up. The main concern is not getting you and your family in debt that can pile a large amount of interest in the future and finding yourself paying off a never ending month after month bills. Sounds like results of Credit Card misuse, isn\’t it?
Owning a credit card is not that bad, it  gives you the freedom to indulge on things that you can\’t afford to pay in  cash or can even save you when you ran out of money to buy necessities. All i can say is that owning one requires a great self-discipline and good spent analysis.
moving money for better

My target this year is to get out of debts the soonest and just rely on available cash on hand. If you aim to do the same, then this Western Union mun2 Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard is a perfect help to avoid over spending! Below are the BENEFITS of this reloadable card:

• It’s the card that keeps up with you, so you’re always in control. You can track your balance however you want, whenever you want, even on your phone. It’s a great way to help you avoid over-spending.

• With so many Western Union® Agent locations, it’s easy to add money. You can reload your card, your way. Just put your cash on it and go.

• It’s so reliable. If it’s lost or stolen, your money is protected.

• This card is fee friendly so it’s easy to manage. (Learn more about the fees at…)

• And best of all, there is a $10 bonus offer when you sign up for Direct Deposit. (Learn more at…)

If you\’re like me who does online shopping on Group buying sites, then its mostly recommended to use this card. As of  this time, i\’m always on the look out for online  discounted offers and i use my Credit Card upon check out. I know its not a wise move, so from now on, i am cutting out charges to my CC and just really, i mean really! rely on this card that is good as cash. Getting it right  improving  this year\’s spending habit is sure no. 1 from my to do\’s list.

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4 responses to “Reloadable Prepaid Card from Western Union”

  1. Agree. Its a debit card that makes transfer of money more easy. Cebuanna Lhuiller also came up with the same offer, the best thing about it is that it comes with an insurance so your money is protected.


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