LeapPad Explorer: Problems and Defects

I have written positive reviews on LeapPad Learning Explorer and after 3mos. of my B\’s usage, its about time to make an honest review on any possible defects and problem encountered. The  top 3  common problem reported are the following:
  1. It stopped recognizing cartridges.
  2. just cease to work.
  3. touch screen is disturbed.
All our LeapPad games is acquired via download code and obviously we didn\’t own  any cartridge (yet!), fortunately all the problems mentioned above is far from own experience. What I\’m going to share is considered a problem cause by user. A month ago, my B accidentally dropped the toy that leads to its speaker sounds malfunction. But  before that I already witnessed several times of minor \”dropping accidents\’ . I personally suggest  that you try inserting  a neck lanyard along with the slot for  stylus pen.

We have no other choice, but to use a headset or connect our computer\’s speaker whenever he plays with it to get  the good sound quality.

Toys R Us recommends a repair center located at Retiro D. Tuazon in Quezon City (we\’re from Alabang). Yup! imagine the miles we have to take just to make the built-in speaker properly works again. Yet, we have no choice, but to schedule a visit there and make a reminder to B to take extra care of the toy gadget  after the repair.

If you find any problem for repair; visit Fun time, the official  repair center for LeapPad here in the Philippines contact them at 740-3432, open Mon-Sat. 8:30 to 5:30PM.
Update: Sadly, until now we weren\’t able to find some time for repair, but  instead bought a LeapPad Gel Skin for extra protection. And still connects a headset for unstoppable fun and learning.

12 responses to “LeapPad Explorer: Problems and Defects”

  1. So sorry to hear about the defective toy. I bet you are pretty disappointed. That's really the problem with gadgets I guess. Many years ago my dad bought my brother a Lynx (it's this ancient portable gaming devices that came out about the same time the first game boy did) from New York. We tried to turn it on but it never did.


  2. I'm quite disappointed, but feels lucky enough to maximize its use. We can still use it, and i'm sure even more enjoy and appreciate after the repair. Yes… that's the problem on gadgets, you can never tell how long it would last. Just make the most and proper use of it.


  3. Well, that is a part of being a child. A child does know how to appreciate his belongings yet. I remember my childhood days when I dismantle my toys out of curiosity. The unfortunate part is that I was unable to fix it. My father always scold me whenever I dismantle my toys.I hope this incident with the Leapad will teach your child to be more responsible with his things. 🙂


  4. hi, came across your blog re leappad problems. ours was sent from US so i can't have it returned. is it costly to have it repaired in Quezon City? one of our leappad just keeps tuning up, while the other is okay. it's been really frustrating. =(


  5. Hello, same with us, it was also sent from US. Until now we haven't managed to go to QC to have it repaired. I try to inquire via phone about the cost of repair, but they cannot give any details unless they checked it personally.I suggest you go there and let them assess how much it will cost you.


  6. oh, i thought you had yours repaired by them already. i'm from cebu though, so i was wondering if you could trust them since the only way i'll have mine repaired would be for me to send it through mail and then expect them to send it back.


  7. Sad to say that until now, we haven't. Since it still works properly when we attached speaker or headset, and my B can still play with it; we can't prioritize the repair out of our busy schedule.Why don't you try asking Toy Kingdom store in your area? Ask them if they can recommend any repair center nearby. Or maybe Fun Time have other branches nationwide. =)


  8. Hey all. My son's leapad had the speaker blow from a drop. (The cone seperates from the impact so the sound is distorted and not audible.) I took on the task of repairing it myself. First, I could only find the 16 ohm, 0.25W speaker manufactured by UTL (United Technologied Limited) in 100 lot quantities for $40. I finally located a 23mm 8 Ohm 0.5W speaker (102-1553-ND) from Digikey for $7.38 including shipping and tax.The next trick was replacing it. There are only 6 screws to hold the back of the case on (located in the battery compartments), but the trick is you need to force the back to slide to the top and then lift it off. Note: the final assembly includes doubles stick tape (I am not kidding). It is two pieces at the bottom, so it feels like you are going to break something although it just takes some effort to get the tape to separate. Careful, there are two wires that run from the main board to the back for the ports on the slide so you need to keep the back close so you do not rip these wires off.Once cover is off, there is one screw to be able to remove the speaker assembly. You can clip the wires to the speaker, strip back and then solder to the new speaker wires. (If you do not solder, you can get away with twisting and taping the wires (electrical tape) as long as you are careful when reassembling. I soldered and used the liquid electrical tape to coat the exposed wires.Test before putting the back cover back on. You need to ensure the battery separators are in place and then reattach the back by fitting the case over the ports at the top, closing the top down and then sliding it back in to place. Sliding it is a bit difficult but it did go back together without issue. Then just put the screws back in.The sound quality is good and my son is thrilled that his Leap Pad is fixed.


  9. Thanks for the DIY guide on how to fix the problem. Sounds easy, but we need to look first for that 102-1553-ND and 16 ohm, 0.25W speaker to start with. =)


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