Oldies but Goodies Music

How I missed having  cozy and lazy Sunday afternoon  back home…

When I was still living with my parents, I remember we used to have Sundays as special family time where we usually served sumptuous lunch as we got cozy and inspired with Sunday\’s best  oldies  but goodies musicMy father will play his all-time  favorite music, some of which includes the best of Engelbert Humperdinck (complete album  collection!)  Matt Monro\’s greatest hits, Frank Sinatra\’s \”Strangers in the Night\” and \”Softly, as I leave you\”. And, believe it or not, I have learned to admire and appreciate (and, yes! memorize) every song in my father\’s playlist. When I was in grade school, I used to sing along and feel every lyrics of the song, thus giving me the great notion of pure love and affection. Our Album Collection includes songs from 60\’s,  top 1970\’s songs  and 80\’s. I still remember when my dearest father brought home a karaoke set along with complete volumes of his favorite album collection in cassette tapes. I am in 4th grade at that time and woke up with his not-so-good (but, I deeply love it!) singing voice in high volume microphone,  singing \”The Last Waltz\”.

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I admit I learn to love those popular oldies music, I love classic music and it made me reminisce and feel the good old times. Its basically true that music can help one feel younger, happier, and it keeps us inspired. Its amazing how one special song can tell our life story. My personal favorite is Abba\’s music, I even love the musical film \”Mama Mia\” starring Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried.

Music can really touch our lives, its a good way to reminisce and bring back old memories which makes us both happy and sad at the same time. It makes us rewind to people and places we love most. Now, I am planning to visit my parents this weekend and play those memories again!


2 responses to “Oldies but Goodies Music”

  1. Oh, I grew up on those very old music too! I know all of 'em and I love 'em. What a coincidence because these days, I've been craving for old opm musics. I wanted for our little one to get to know those oldies opm songs too so we started dancing to the tune of Sumayaw sumunod… then the Boyfriends songs started to fill our house every morning 🙂Spanish Pinay


  2. Hi SP! Nice to hear that you still enjoy OPM music, it feels home, especially when you're in another country. Listening to these makes you feel closer and more attached to memories way back home.


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