Organizing Anything Online with Clipix!

In today\’s modern technology where almost anything can be easily done online, a useful organizational tool is what you need to manage your activities and  things you want to be reminded of.  Whether the items you\’d been eyeing to own, events, places, articles, products or services you love, or any other things you want to share with family and friends, clipix is the perfect solution to save tons of pages you visited where you can organize your online favorites on your clipboard, come back and view everything in one simple tool.

I personally recommend this unbelievably useful  tool to organize all your online needs. Sign up using facebook or twitter to get started. Then, the next step is to drag the \”Clip\” button to your bookmarks toolbar, and you\’re good to go. Start Clipping your favorite pages, by simply clicking the \”Clip\” button on your toolbar. Organize anything you want to save by selecting which clipboard it belongs, you can create your own clipboard or select  to put it under books, general, gifts for family, great shoes, interesting articles, or vacation ideas.

Everything you clip will be stored in your customized clipboards!  Take a look at my very own clips under \”Gifts for the Family\” . The idea of organizing my favorite items or the things I want to buy serves  as a constant reminder or list where I can easily view the sites  that I need.

I\’m a self-confess organizer fanatic! And tries really hard to keep things in its proper places to successfully manage my time and important things in daily life.  I think you should try it too… Sign up to clipix and start organizing your life! You can also download the iphone app for your organizer on the go.

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