Ben 10 Jacket for Kids

This is an overdue post on my B\’s 4th Birthday celebration, which was held last January. It was a simple celebration where we hosted an Ice Cream Party enjoyed by kids and adults as well.

And of course, I proudly received 2 thumbs up on my  own made ice cream party balloon decorations:

toppings selection!

And my Birthday Gift?

After unwrapping, he  demanded to wear it even he is all in sweat from playing and endless round-up on family and friends.

This made to order Ben 10 Jacket surely complete his big day! I am so delighted to see my big boy enjoys having a strong sense of being the hero in action. Since he does have the Ben 10 T-Shirt which the 10-year old Benjamin Tennyson has in the original series, it is time to have his customized Ben 10 Jacket seen on Ben\’s  more mature character and complex plots starting in Ben 10 Alien Force Series. What can I say? I am obviously supportive  to my B especially on his wants and needs! Anything I can afford to give, surely I will. =)

Totally handsome!

12 responses to “Ben 10 Jacket for Kids”

  1. Hi Anne! thanks for appreciating the balloons… scotch tape and brown paper board does the trick. I also made a tiny balloon as ice cream toppings, then tied it with nylon cord and hang.


  2. Hi Mhadz! you can try asking your local tailoring shop if they can copy Ben's jacket. This was made by our local tailor upon special request for Php500 only =)


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