LeapPad Gel Skin: A Must Have

This green protective Gel Skin for leapPad came too late for my B, but I\’d say its still worth buying for protection for any \”dropping accidents\” that might happen again. I have blogged about how the speaker of LeapPad Explorer malfunctioned after those dropping accidents and this is the perfect solution to provide protection on our  dear toy gadget:

After seeing this, without  second thought, I immediately bought it at Toy Kingdom for Php499 to ensure better grip that will avoid  any dropped mishap again. 
Somehow, it provides me peace of mind knowing it can lessen the possibility of costly damaged. Its totally a wise buy for continuous learning fun on the go, its definitely worth the price. When I explained to B how it functions, and how it protects the toy when it falls, he answered: \”try ko\” as he gets ready to demonstrate a test fall. \’Yay!

9 responses to “LeapPad Gel Skin: A Must Have”

  1. Sometimes I wish products would just come in with the extra must-have accessories. Like in this case, the company should have already anticipated that the product is for kids and droppings may happen (a lot) AND knowing that their product is not resilient to droppings, then a protector should have been included in the package. I am not supposed to rant, am I? 😀Spanish Pinay


  2. agree. It should, but obviously want us to spend some more… I understand your rant, but most of the time we got hooked with the products and left us no choice, but to buy some additional accessories, upgrades, or any must have.


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