My ZALORA Wishlist

Buying online becomes an option for a busy mom like me where choosing items for delivery saves my precious time and energy! Free shipping is my first requirement to push through with my order. Out of all my online finds, there\’s never a purchased that gets me disappointed as it was  exactly shown and described from the seller\’s website.
Creating a wish list becomes my habit to keep a record and track the item I\’d been eyeing to own. More and more brands are coming its way to provide a convenient shopping experience and I love having it this way. Putting items on my cart  while having  my own time in  buying and decision making is quite drooling, but helpful. 
It makes me think twice, thrice, or up  to the nth time giving me well-informed buying decision by getting into every detail. It\’s best to came up with a \”Wish List\” to have a quick run of those gorgeous items without actually being caught in traffic and crowded  shopping malls!
Here\’s  my  Top 5  at Zalora:

This Sleeveless Cotton Dress is a simple and ideal sundress that creates a fresh look and comfortable feel. 

I\’ll pair this blouse with cigarette pants or black skirts  instead of shorts for a perfect Sunday wear, or with this 3/4 pants for a casual touch.

And yes, my feet silently wish to feel this wellness footwear that Crocs has to offer. (Aw… be mine!)
Lastly, this Marathon watch will add style and purposely match my recently bought running shoes for a more stylish running diva me!
If you are a blogger and a member of Nuffnang Network, feel free to create your own wish list with Zalora. Sign-up to receive a Php250 voucher introductory gift and start moving the Best 5 items you like  on your wish list and create  a similar post. Check out more details here.

Contest period is from April 23 to May 23, 2012. Five lucky winners will be chosen and prizes will be the items in the wish list and Php 5,000 credits in

Happy Wish listing! And may the odds be ever in your favor!(*wink)

4 responses to “My ZALORA Wishlist”

  1. Yep, its pretty hard to choose from all those gorgeous items… I actually feel like changing my top 5 after, but had to stop myself. ha ha


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