What age can you start taking your kids to movies?

We started taking my kid to movies at age three, I took him to experience Kung Fu Panda 2 and Cars 2 on big screen. Movies that I thought would make him interested and be sit still until the end. He enjoys watching, but I soon realized that he wasn\’t that ready for hours of just sitting and munching on his snacks, and needed to develop  a much longer attention span. 
My advice? taking your kids on age appropriate movies wasn\’t enough, you still need to observe if your kids, at aged under 2, or 3-4 can actually handle longer attention to movies so as to sit still and be quiet, not to distract other people.
I would like to reiterate taking them to movies appropriate for their age, I would strongly suggest leaving them at home and find someone who can take care of them while you were out to enjoy your movie time. Don\’t take them with you if you intend to watch a movie for yourself. Think of other people who cannot withstand a toddler talking out loud and constantly making noise distraction. Its actually very irritating, really! especially with movies that needs a great focus and silence, sensitivity to others is required.
Yesterday, the long wait for the movie \”The Avengers\” is finally over. Hubby and I eagerly went to watch this much awaited team of super humans. Yep, right at the 1st showing schedule on the 1st screening day! (excited, eh?)
Overall, it brings a tremendous entertainment, it is stunning, and full of hype. Tony Stark never fails to entertain me with his charm, living a  reckless playboy lifestyle and wit, plus Hulk\’s remarkable bashing and smashing is truly amazing! Its a must see movie and worth the long wait! 
But, unfortunately there\’s a toddler at the back of my seat, I think aged 2, who is loud and I sometimes feel her tiny hands touching my head. It started to pissed me off a little, and her loud voice calling the names of super heroes irritates me. What can we do? I tried not to mind at all, trying my best to focus and enjoy the movie, hubby also tries to ignores every irritating mimic and sounds of an impatient toddler and a parent quieting her down. The one sitting next to me give me an affirming  look that says \”we share the same uneasy and irritating moment\”
Hah! If  I could only give the parent an order to bring her kid outside and  let us watch peacefully, I would… but I can\’t (sigh). Ignoring is the best thing that we can do for the moment, not as to completely be annoyed and spoil our very good mood watching this spectacular movie.
Any similar experience?

10 responses to “What age can you start taking your kids to movies?”

  1. It took a while before my son could watch an entire movie without distracting us or other people. Lol! The first time he went inside a movie house, he actually thought it was a big play area where he could roam around. Now he knows better.


  2. I always wonder about this. I guess it also depends on the kid. I have read other moms bring their kids as early as age 1 and didn't have trouble. Mine though, I believe we'll have to wait a while. She doesn't seem to have much attention span yet at age of 2. I really am looking forward for movie dates with our little one but I will have to wait. Movie tickets are quite expensive here too so I wouldn't want to waste it not being able to watch the whole movie because of a toddler wanting to go out or fuzzing. Plus I wouldn't want to bother other people who wants to watch the movie 🙂Spanish Pinay


  3. Yeah, it depends on the kid. I am also looking forward going out on movie dates with my B, but needs to wait a little longer until he can finally behave inside the cinemas.


  4. Yung niece ko nine months nung unang nakapanood ng sine.lol! wala lang kasi talaga mag aalaga sa kanya nung araw na yun kaya sinama namin ng sister ko.


  5. I had the same experience while watching Avengers. May makulit na bata na lakad nang lakad sa buong Cinema. Maingay din siya nang konti. Buti na lang at magaling ako mang-ignore.


  6. Haha… i'm pretty sure that's not my son! Hubby told me he watched again with our 4yr old son and said that he is well behave inside he cinema, except in fighting scene, where he cheer for Hulk and Ironman (ay, nakaganti?!). lolAnd how he can't forget nung tumalsik si Thor nung sinuntok ni Hulk.I'm surprised na nagustuhan nya ung movie, I think he appreciates it bcoz we bought him an Iron man and Captain America action figures before they watched.


  7. i can't remember the first time i brought my kids to the movies. i think my eldest was already 7 years old, the middle was 5 in her first movie and my youngest was 6, so we didn't have any problem with attention.. lol!


  8. I remember I first watched a movie when I was 7. I can already understand english and I can already sit still for 2 straight hours.I took my niece, 4, to the movies (Up!), and she still can't sit still.As long as the kid can already understand english and can sit still, I think s/hes ready.


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