Bento Accessories

I am way too late to showcase the arrival of all my Bento accessories which I ordered from ebay. Here\’s the 18 items that I was bragging about on my previous post:

All these items came, I think three weeks ago. I was fully occupied on our SG Trip and start of  class (June 7!) resulting to zero post these past few weeks.  Actually, I already made effortless Bento lunch for my B, which I never had the chance to take photos due to time shortage! hehe
I say effortless because all I did was cutey chicken sandwich using this animal food stamp bread cutter:
I included grapes on his \”baon\” which I put on these silicon food cups together with some pieces of mini fork picks:

I missed taking photos of my very first and simple Bento creation. Tsk, tsk! I regret of not having the chance or bothered grabbing a cam for a quick souvenir! It may not as creative and awesome as I\’ve seen on Bento blogs, but I promise to try and create a very good one. I must admit, it is time consuming! As of now,  I am planning to prepare a quick healthy meal, with NO pressure at all.
But wait, husband manage to take photos when we tried using the car egg mold. Hah! just when I thought I have nothing to show off… this will do, better than nothing. =)


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