Preparing For Toddler\’s First Airplane Ride

Gup, Gup and Away! 
Bubble Guppies: Season 1, Episode 12

This episode of Bubble Guppies adds up excitement and makes my work easier in preparing my child on his First Airplane Ride.

Below is the video \”We\’re Going On a Plane\” that simply brief a child on what to expect on the airport and during the ride.

I make sure to be well-prepared for a three hour fly going to SG with my four year old with the following items on my checklist to be hand carried:

  • Milk
  • Neck Pillow
  • PSP
  • Snacks/ Pochi
  • extra clothes

It is my B\’s First Airplane Ride and was really amazed during the take off and when the plane reaches the clouds. The first hour was spent on curiosity and endless questions! Also, the aircraft lavatory amused him. And when the excitement gradually fades, he then asks for his PSP and was wide awake for the whole ride.

It is a fun, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience, making us do the Airplane dance!


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