Fiber Optic Connectors on Radialls

Now that I already have a preschooler: \”I vowed to devote more time offline at home\”. Such devotion   temporarily separates me to my blogging hobby, but gives me the luxury to have more bonding moment with my child thru play and study time.

But since I can now balance my time attending and prioritizing things needed, I am now planning to get back on track and publish outdated posts from our personal milestones that is 2months overdue.

Family time, I know is what everyone\’s priority. If given an opportunity, I would definitely be a work at home or  maybe a full-time mom. As of the moment, my situation would be a sneaking blogger both at home and at work (hehe).

Best Connection Ever!
I mentioned in my previous post about my sudden change of duties at work due to my transfer to our Main Office that breaks my blog sneaking routine during office hours (sssshhh). I honestly missed my free time spent on blogging on my previous workplace as well as my duties checking LAN Connections, using crimping tools and connectors. Yes, I am considered a hero attending on Network failure and system error encountered. But I am no longer be there when the time comes when fiber optic connections will be used for stronger Network, components that are being offered in Radiall that can effectively increase Network and system  performance. So I already accepted the fact that crimping a CAT6 cable would be my last touch.
Ask about my current duties? Still on Network Monitoring on all Branches and other related jobs in Data Center Unit. Not even that close as being the hero that attends on reported problems, so imagine the adjustments that I have to make… plus my limited time to blog (sigh). Sneaking ain\’t easy, but I always try my best!

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