Handwriting Worksheet Maker

I made a promise to get back on track in my bloglife ( what?! hehe), but obviously not able to keep it due to what \”Habagat floods\” had brought us and personally attending school matters with my child who  started his everyday life at Junior Advance Casa pre-school level.

Husband and I  never had a hard time teaching letters and numbers recognition that is why B passed his entrance exam that qualifies him to JAC level, skipping the 1st level which is Junior Casa. He can easily catch up school lessons but really needs to improve his writing speed.

As much as I wanted to stretched out and imposed fun in  teaching  him how to write following lines in his writing pad, I can\’t help but easily burned out with his willful disobedience and stubborn hands. Ranting was definitely the last thing that would happen, but often times caught myself  in the middle of it and was really ashamed of what exactly is happening.

I know some of the parents out there can relate to my story, I sometimes argue with the thought of why to have a child as early as 3 or 4 to  attend school and force them to do things  which we actually did when we were 6?! whoa! desperate thinking I guess.

Thankfully,  I manage to stay far from any ranting issues and began finding new ways to encourage him to pratice more. Even before he attends school, giving him  tracing worksheets  during our bonding time becomes one of my favorite activity, with no stress and pressure at all.
I guess I am too pushy and impatient in making him speed up on his writing skill? or simply wanted him to excel  or just  cope up with other kids who is doing a great job with this one?

I found  this handwriting worksheet maker  a big help in giving him a daily dose of what needs to be practiced. He even beg of finishing just a single line for each day, but later accomplished a full page in just one sitting. Though I can never had the speedy result that I am eagerly expecting, I\’m glad that his progress is quite good and I actually remind myself to acquire more patience, because  we indeed have a full road to go and this is just the beginning!  
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