Singapore Tour Package

WARNING: Picture Overload! [Scroll doooowwwn pls…]
This family trip of ours happened 5 months ago already,  today comes the final compilation of video and photos to share.  I wouldn\’t want to miss this one to be included in this personal blog of mine, so here it goes…
B\’s First Airplane ride is going to Singapore! It was a 4D and 3N stay and was superb fun despite of me not feeling well due to cough and sore throat. I regret skipping the optional  \’Sentosa tour\’ , on our First day, but still happy to be reunited with my dear high school friend, B\’s \’Ninang\’. 
Day 1: Free Day
@ Vivo City

World Class, Harbour Front
Day 2:  City Tour
Took the main sights of Singapore City and Marina Bay

City tour would not be complete without a visit to Merlion Park:
 Never had a chance to explore Marina Bay sands, just captured its beauty from afar:

Chinese Garden:

A quick visit at chocolate store:

Experience nature and style at Mount Faber Park:

Overwhelmed by jewelry display at Qualitas.
Day 3:  Universal Studios
Comes the main highlight of our trip: going to Universal Studios movie Theme Park!
Let the Fun begin!
Ticket to Fun, fun, fun…

Now you know why I choose to wear my running shoes for this day! hehe

Tee hee! A Fire Fighter…

Stopped and tried out funky hats at  The Brown Derby Hat Shop located at the Hollywood Section just near the Entrance.

We\’re blown away on  Lights, Camera, Action! a movie special effects by Steven Spielberg.

B had an amazing meet and greet  experience with Optimus Prime, twice! we need to fall in line again for this, coz the 1st one was  mistakenly not video recorded:
Unlike in our City tour, B readily strikes a pose for cam and he\’s the one calling my attention to take some more pictures!

He was stunned  as he experienced  TRANSFORMERS: The Ride when we delightfully volunteered in the Ultimate 3D Battle to save our planet .
Husband and I excitedly see what Ancient Egypt has to offer.  Facing warrior mummies in an indoor thriller roller coaster ride prides on the Revenge of the Mummy: a psychological thrill ride in total darkness! (worth the wait!).
We didn\’t have enough time to meet those Popular Movie Hollywood Characters because we\’re too occupied lining up on these rides and adventure:

Dino Saurin, at The Lost World

Madagascar Crate Adventure

Had the chance to watched Madagascar Penguins\’ funny and clumsy dance moves! 

A Special Souvenir shot perfect for framing:

Far, Far Away Castle! Magic Potion Spin

Thumbs up for a Fairy Tale adventure!

Our park adventure ends in Water World Show, a sensational live show full of action, stunts, and real explosions of fire and water. 

Again, I am disappointed for not having the chance to  meet those  popular Universal Movie Characters for our Photo opps (sigh). Although we happen to see Frankenstein and Charlie Chaplin, we did not bother to queue to take pictures thinking we still have plenty of time to do so.

But we ended up missing our chance for all of those souvernir shots. My friends are right… it is best not to get a Tour Package when you go to SG because it\’s cheaper and you can decide for your own time at your own pace. Imagine we leave the park at exactly 5pm because our tour guide is waiting for us, when we can stay atleast around 7? Tsk, tsk! 

Anyway, despite few disappointments, we did enjoy every detail of our action-packed escapade and this serves as another emotional investment for the family that surely adds up in our \”memory bank\”. =)

We bid goodbye to Singapore, while B saying \”ahahaha… iwan\” (… left out). Bye SG! hope to see you again.


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