United Nations Day Celebration

October is United nations month. I remember during grade school, we are required to make  a flag of the country that is assigned to our class section. I even participated as a muse to represent Mexico when I was in 4th grade and on my Senior highschool.
Sad to say, there were no photos to share because my mother wasn\’t that active when it comes to attending activities like this and has always been busy with house chores. I guess that results of me not having enough self-confidence and secretly wishing that if things weren\’t that way, surely, my childhood years would have been more fun, I\’d be in full potential, and it definitely would be more worth looking back. hehe
This thought made me promise to myself to do things that my mother failed to do for us. My parents\’ mistakes would surely be a lesson learned and I vow not to make the same mistakes and try a different approach in rasing my own child.
I begin with having family trips, less house works and more on spending time with my preschooler. I always do my best in explaining things he asks and builds an open communication while imposing house rules and why he needs to comply.
And so, I did not forget to be  the stage mother that I wished my mom had been to me during United Nations Day Celebration:
On stage performance of Hula dance from their whole class.

But ofcourse, Mommy and  Daddy watched it!

I definitely think I am doing  great as a stage mother, I just hope I am not over doing it. LOL

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