Metrodeal\’s Manila Ocean Park\’s Ultimate Adventure Review

October 13th, Saturday; off we went to Manila Ocean Park for our Ultimate Acquatica adventure. It\’s actually our 5th year Wedding Anniversary and both decided to have another fun and educational trip for our preschooler.
I availed Metrodeal\’s voucher for Ocean Park\’s Nine Fun attractions which give us 63% OFF the original price.
Good deal it is!

We arrived at the park 15min. before 10am, just in time to redeem my tickets by simply presenting  printed vouchers and valid ID at the Acquatica Pool Entrance.

Jellies Exhibit
Marine Life Show
All Star Bird Show
Trails to Antartica
Snow Village
Penguin Talk Show
Musical Fountain Show
All these for Php 699 instead of 1,900. Big thanks to Metrodeal voucher! =)

First stop: Jellies Exhibit

Here\’s the Dancing sea fairies, gracefully and elegantly fluttering in the water:

Afterwards, we went ahead to watch the Sea Lion Show that starts at 11am. The show was followed  by 2pm and 4:30pm, your choice! Watching the 1st set was just on time to eat lunch right after.

Sealions, Vincent and Sandra entertain us with their charm and intelligence! love their dancing and audience interaction. One thing I don\’t like about the show organizer is that right in the middle of the show, they allowed bulk of people (whose on a school field trip)  to come in, giving us  just a view of  all those people endlessly walking in, completely blocking all of us in the front row.
I mean, they should be considerate enough to think of us who strictly followed the time schedule to have our seats and not just  to be blocked and annoyed by those who comes in late. arggh!
After lunch, we headed back to the Acquatica Centre, (same venue just near the Park  entrance) to watch  the All Star Bird Show at 1pm.

You can shop for souvenirs at the store located at the left side of the Acquatica Centre and another one inside the park.

Enjoyed watching birds trick and friendly competition and the host  ask some audience to have a chance to  interact up-close! I\’m quite sure that  the host was referring and looking at me when he said that the lady in shades wearing gray to come forward and participate for the next trick, I was about to go leaving my things to husband  when the lady in front of me stand-up and all smiles went down getting my turn. She\’s wearing shades and light gray shirt alright, but in polka dots print, in polka prints! The host never mentioned the lady in polka, pls???
Well… to my dismay,  my chance had completely blew away just like that! hmp…
Anyways, more pics pls?
 My sister posing for cam while playful son intentionally tries to ruin a perfect shot.
Couple shot ( as usual he barge in!)
Family picture, studio shot where they photoshopped the oceanarium background, the price? its 300 pesos!
4th stop: Trails to Antartica
( features 4 zones)
This attraction is what I enjoyed the most!

1st zone
Discovering Antartica Exhibit at the Hallway:

A walk-through exhibit where you can learn more about frozen wilderness.

Ready for the Penguin Exhibit:

Moving on to the 2nd zone:
My sis and I enjoyed the 42 meters ice slide at Slide O\’ Fun. Sorry son, 4ft. below is not allowed. Yihee… our turn!
(Slide O\’ Fun at the background)
3rd zone: Penguin Exhibit
Showcasing Humboldt Penguins
Just like my preschooler\’s grade in Science Class, Penguin showcase gets an A+
And we never missed a chance to have a close encounter with them. Penguin feeding for additional fee of  500 pesos where it includes captured photos in CD.

Best part ever!
And finally, the last zone
Go directly to Snow Village to freeze!
More pics to satisfy certified camera addicts!

The Penguin Talk Show runs every 30 minutes, honestly? you need not to worry if you misses the show. hehe.  It\’s a talk show from Hamboo the penguin,  a real time animation and digital puppetry where kids can learn about Penguin origin and facts. Before the show, kids are ask to stand up and dance the Gangnam style! It was a bit fun…
Next? Marine Life Exhibit at Oceanarium:

We never get tired of feeding Koi\’s. Our Nuvali Fish Feeding wasn\’t enough, so here\’s a new way feeding them:

Go bottle feed them for 100pesos which includes a souvenir shot:
You have to hold the bottle tighter, because these fish can quickly get the bottle out of your hands.

Truly delightful experience!

Get your eyes wide opened on all those stick- ur- face photo opps:

This one\’s my fave, I can feel the Arielle in me… hehe
After our merienda break, we waited until 6pm and queued for the last Attraction which is the Musical Fountain Show at 7pm. It\’s good that we line up as early to secure our seats on the right viewing spot. =)

Before the show starts, they distributed a free disposable raincoat to all, for us not to go home in wet clothes.

Here, I bravely took out our SLR for this shots:

30 minutes display of fire, laser lights, and music, backed by animated sea characters on water screen.

A truly breath taking musical display!
Photo grabbed from Ocean Park\’s website
And that\’s THE END  of  our Ocean Adventure, it was really a recommended  fun place for all ages.

48 responses to “Metrodeal\’s Manila Ocean Park\’s Ultimate Adventure Review”

  1. Yes, we did! The first time we went there when it was newly opened. My B was just 6mos. old at that time. Glad they add more attractions to spent an entire day at the park.


  2. Thanks for the link. Actually I've been a fraud victim once. The site is cleverbuy. I had purchase 3 sessions of diamond peel, turns out the site owner disappear after collecting money. The spa owner let me use my paid voucher for just 1 session, as explained, they did not receive any payment from the site and they are victim as well.


  3. hello mam, i want also to purchase from metro deal the manila ocean park package….but i also read bad review…..i just want to ask did u pay over the counter mam or did u use credit card? which is more safe?…tnx


  4. It's nice to see a good review. I'm also planning to buy there \”Manila Ocean Park's Ultimate Adventure with Nine Fun Attractions in One for P699 instead of P1750\”. 🙂


  5. Hello, ate pano yung pagbook ng hotel sa metrodeal? for example sept 26 to 29 magstay dun sa hotel so 4 days yun. 4 voucher rin ba kailangan or lagay nlang dun sa quantity?


  6. Hi Dianne! So far, I haven't experienced any credit card breached when buying online. Make sure you make transactions with legit buying sites like metrodeal. Yes, they can be trusted. By the way, you can link your credit card to your paypal account to be more confident in buyin using your cc, to take advantage of paypal's buyer protection program.


  7. Don't believe on their travel deals. Im one of a victim. Php 11,000 for a Malapascua trip for two. Didn't get my money back. So sad. 😦


  8. Hi there! Do you purchase from local internet retail sites such as Lazada, Cash Cash Pinoy, Sulit/OLX, Metro Deal and Ensogo? If you do, please rate your experience by answering this survey. Otherwise, do share it with other online shoppers instead. Hope you would be willing to answer the survey for my thesis so as to improve your overall online experience. Thanks so much! :)


  9. Hi i've been reading ocean park metrodeal reviews and found this. tanong ko lang, if you purchased yung tickets, kelangan ba same day gamitin agad? kasi i purchased yung 4,999 oceanpark/hotel h20 promo. ok lang kaya na the next day gamitin yung tickets for the attractions and buffet? thanks!


  10. Hi! Yep, we visited all those 9 attractions, para sulit! That package that you're eyeing was the exact list of what we had, plus 1 for the Yexel's Museum that is why it cost 799 =)Enjoy!!!


  11. Ms. Einz Ask ko lng po if… yung voucher po ba yun mismo nasa post sa metro deal…. just printed copy of it then what else po? balak ko po kasi online purchase.. through lbc or paypal…… valid id, voucher at… receipt lbc gnun kya?


  12. MetroDeal voucher together with any valid ID at the Redemption Booth located at the Ticket Counter…… yung po ba metro deal voucher.. ppadla sayo after payment?


  13. Hi! I paid thru my paypal account. Just print your voucher if the payment was made. Automatic na mag appear sa metrodeal account mo yung paid vouchers for printing and yun yung ipakita mo sa redemption booth together with valid ID.


  14. Hi po just want to ask..kasi ibought 2 voucher for ocean park adventure..kaso hindi ko pa sya nabayaran agad..tapos im not feeling well po to go there any bad consequences sa acount ko sa metrodeal kung di ko na xa iaavail?


  15. Hi po just want to ask..kasi ibought 2 voucher for ocean park adventure..kaso hindi ko pa sya nabayaran agad..tapos im not feeling well po to go there any bad consequences sa acount ko sa metrodeal kung di ko na xa iaavail?


  16. I've visited Manila Ocean Park twice already. But reading your post, ang dami pa pala namin hindi natry na activities. I hope I can also find a good promo for this.


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