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Picking a name for your child is considered a challenge and at the same time a daunting task. I remember before when I learned that I was pregnant, I excitedly and readily searched for Baby Names on the web and carefully list down all the potential names (most of it Girls names) to discussed with husband to make our final selection.
We end up having 5 girl names and 2 for boy, and dropped down those 5  when I\’m at the midpoint of pregnancy and find out our baby\’s gender. We got our  child\’s name from an American mixed martial artist who currently competes as a light heavyweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
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Yep, I got his second  name from a UFC fighter and husband add his father\’s nickname to be his first. The name was a perfect choice and we didn\’t consider changing our minds up to the time we laid eyes on our little bundle. B\’s name, according to  means \”Beacon Hill\”  and from its Namespedia source means \”Prince\”. The site automatically searches top sites for the meaning of a name and have served over 35,778 different names. It displays name source and its origin, which is really helpful in choosing what sounds good and at the same time know the  meaning behind your chosen name.
As for me, I continuously  check out baby  names so that we can easily picked what will suit best,  when the planned pregnancy arrives! (*wink)

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