Holiday Blessings!

\”Christmas tells us that life is not just an existence, but a wonderful miracle. Live every moment with joy and gratitude.\”


Christmas is about giving,  here\’s what I gave to myself as a reward! 

For B, what else but endless toys from friends and relatives! And here\’s what he received from mommy and daddy:

Tomica  Jumbo Plane and Takara TOMY play set. 
And the greatest blessings of them all, the one that we carefully planned, atlas! the perfect time finally arrived. I even use an ovulation and fertility calculator  for this one, and even make use of Chinese Gender prediction tool, in which the result made me really hoping for a bouncing baby GIRL!

But, as what husband declares, even if we got another boy he\’ll be \”happy enough\” and by that, he actually means enough. And I beg to totally disagree… what about those plan of sewing dresses for my baby girl, playing barbie dolls, going to beauty spa together, picking nail polish color and other girly stuff to share with?! 
Well, even if  we got another baby boy this time, I believe we can try for the third one. haha! Not really giving up, you know… Anyways, Happy Holidays to all, how about you? what blessings to add up on your list this time? 

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