Subchorionic Hemorrhage?… and my bed rest!

I just woke up one morning having a slight headache and feeling a little lazy to report  for work, so I called in sick and decided to take my 1st  prenatal visit instead. This is my second pregnancy so I\’m not in a rush to take my 1st visit, confirmed for a 7 weeks pregnancy, I wasn\’t surprised to know that UTI was here with me again, but was surprised to have the result of my TransV  that says I had Subchorionic Hemorrhage or Internal bleeding. The fetal heartbeat was somewhat lower than normal, but was assured that it was fine considering that I was still on early stage of pregnancy.
I was advised not to go for work for 15 days and take a bed rest. I was a little worried thinking how this had happened, there wasn\’t any noticeable signs & symptoms at all. My doctor says its often hard to tell what\’s causing the problem, I really hope this whole bed rest thing makes this one dissolved on its own.
I am now on my 7th day of resting in bed, though I am not on a strict compliance, I make sure to take all the prescribed medicines on time and restrict myself from doing house chores and allow myself to enjoy my unexpected vacation at home. Lying in bed was a welcome opportunity to watch the past seasons of  TV series, read a book, and continue my long forgotten cross stitch work from my last pregnancy. 
Aaaww… five long years, hello… you! I can\’t barely remember what\’s your name and can\’t even find your precious pattern copy.

Does anyone know her name?

Will find my luck finding one, as a side trip to my 2nd prenatal visit tomorrow. Hoping for good results, and Oh, this one\’s only for my UTI check up,  another week to wait until my next TransV  ultrasound to check if the bleeding has gone completely.
Praying for the best!

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