Hot Wheels Party Supplies?

Last month, B turned 5! His birthay falls on monday and ofcourse we have to come and celebrate at the school on their 30-minute break time. Since he requested (or should I say I suggested?!) to have a Hot Wheels Party Theme, I prepared the candy treats in Hot Wheels disposable paper cups along with Temporary Tattos favor for boys.

For girls, I put the candies in a pink plastic cups with barbie gummies to add girly design.

The Hot wheels Party supplies that I used was  ordered online from
an ebay seller. Those Car Flags Latex Balloons were just perfect for the race car celebration, which my B personally helped in preparing.
We included \”Caterpillar Balloons\” to add a little color.
I noticed how excited he is upon seeing us enter the room. His reaction was priceless and worth all the efforts. =)

The cake was supposed to be a Hot Wheels design from Red Ribbon, but the only available design at the store cost 2,000 pesos above, so I decided to get the \”Rally\” cake instead to cut cost a little.
flavor : Moist Chocolate
icing : Boiled Icing
serving : 48
size : 12\”x16\”
Php 1,550.00
After candle blowing, the whole class readily prepare their table with their cloth placemat. Neat!
The Hot Wheels plastic table cover and  Party Super Shape foil was used to add up fun  on the race theme.
It\’s a 30-minute snack, and as expected, there\’s some who never finished their meal, and a few who asked for 2nd serving.

 As always, preparing for kid\’s birthday party is a challenge that we surpass every year. Be it a small or grand celebration, it still occupies our schedule  until the big day arrives. It\’s a bit hard in my case \’coz I\’m on a bed rest for 2 weeks before his birthday. So Imagine the rush  from the first day that I was allowed to move a lot and  be stressed! haha.

Thanks God for my cute little blessing that is now growing up to be a big guy, and soon to be a big Kuya! The small celebration continued at home with another set of snacks because there\’s a lot to be thankful for…

And a lot of good things to be proud of, like  this one:


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