Metrodeal\’s Invisible Tummy Trimmer Review

I would like to start with this  photo taken during my last trimester:
After giving birth, my uniform at work and some of my denim pants won\’t fit anymore! I can still wear most of my old clothes but my post pregnancy belly wasn\’t a pretty sight.

I wasn\’t allowed yet to do some Abs exercise to help my tummy be in good shape so I was thrilled to find

this Invisible Tummy Trimmer being offered at Metrodeal. This product promise to help you get rid of unwanted bulges and look 10 lbs. slimmer instantly for 71% OFF the original price. It offers free delivery and cost Php349. 

I was expecting to have magical results but a little disappointed to discover just 30% trimmed on my tummy.
BEFORE                                     AFTER
Result: I think I still looks pregnant… agree? (2 mos. teh?) hehe. It comes in 3 sizes: Small (28-30in.) Medium (32-34in.) and Large (36-38in.). I ordered size small and really expecting for a slimmer tummy, instantly!

Do I look slender now? =P

Well I guess there\’s no instant solution for this. It somehow flatten front stomach but not the way I expected. And it doesn\’t guarantee to look 10 lbs. lighter, just 2?!

But on the fair side, it\’s really \”seamless\”  it provides a good trim from your hips to chest and comfortable to wear. This product works good on Mommies who just gave birth because it also serves as \”bigkis\” (which manang hilot advised me to wear)  and it is much cheaper and lighter to wear compared to waist nipper.

So if you are planning to buy one, I\’d say, do so! just don\’t expect magical results, just minimal. Alright?


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