Cloth Diaper Review

After reading blog reviews and positive feedback on Cloth Diapering, I decided to give it a try. I started using cloth diaper when my baby turns 5 weeks old. My first brand was Next9 which I bought at Festival Mall in Alabang, I bought it for Php999 for a set of 3. At that moment, I don\’t have the time to look for other stores that offers cute and girly designs, so I ended up having these three solid colors:
I adjusted the snaps to three different sizes.

These are pocket diapers – ready to use! 
I got really excited in cloth diapering that I  decided to buy extra inserts and stuffer which I think I needed, but later on found out that I don\’t or maybe I will be needing it after a year or two.
Fluff Stuffer serves as an insert pouch that can hold  2 microfiber inserts (Php199).

This is best to use if you choose to double the inserts to ensure leak proof diapers especially during night time.
Pack of 3 microfiber inserts for Php299.

To add up on my stash, I ordered online at babyleaf. I was  sold to its vibrant color and those cute and adorable girly design. I bought 4 designs; the pink flamingo, flower power,  bubble gum,  and  butterfly plus another set of 3 solid colors, the baby girl blossom kit.
@ Php 350 each
1 tickle me pink
1 royal purple
1 cottony white
(Php 1,000)

I even bought a bag organizer to turn any bag into a diaper bag for Php 350, also from Baby Leaf.

My baby will be using 5-6 diapers a day so I bought another 8 pieces. This time I ordered online  from Sha-Shi & Me Collections for Alva printed diaper which is a hundred peso cheaper, 4 pcs @ Php 999. I also ordered one piece of \’bamboo insert\’ for Php120, to find out what\’s the difference between microfiber and bamboo insert.

Comes with a FREE baby socks.

6 weeks old baby G with Kuya B

Among those 3 brands, Baby leaf\’s my personal favorite not only for its design but also for its effectiveness, good quality and snugger fit.

After admiring all my purchase, I then compute how much these had costs us, total worth is Php 6,567. At first I doubt if I really saved huge money going eco-friendly, investing on these. But as they say, these supplies will pay for itself in about 6 to 7 months. To soothe myself, I make a computation to see the cost versus disposable diapering:

1st year: average of 5 diapers/day
Php7 X 5 = Php 35 X 30 days = 1,050 X 12 months =  Php12,600

2nd year: average of 3 diapers/day
Php 9 X 3 =Php 27 X 30 days= 810 X 12 months = Php 9,720

3rd year: 2 pull-ups/diapers a day
Php 13 X 2 = Php 26 X 30 days= Php 780 X 12 months = Php 9,360

TOTAL: Php 31,680 vs. Php 6,567
You still saves a lot of money even if you add water, energy, and detergent costs. Agree?

Based on this, Cloth diapering  really worth the extra time and should really put into consideration. The cost upfront maybe shocking, but you saved a lot in the long run.

After I convinced myself on having the smart choice, washing Cloth Diapers for the first time comes next. As per instruction, Wash Cloth Diapers using warm water with small amount of detergent. I washed it twice and rinse it several times to make sure that factory oils are being washed out. You can either machine or hand was them.

I  googled  on what\’s the best and economical detergent to use, I was relieved to see the \’Tide Original Scent\’ on the top of the list with 99% success rate. After washing, I recommend soaking the inserts in hot water and wait until the water turns cold, then make sure to use net bag when drying in washing machine.

We had been Cloth Diapering for 3 months already, seems complicated at first, but overall I find it surprisingly easy! Here\’s a few tips: (hope to add up some more).

  • Keep in mind NOT to use Bleach and Softener in every wash.
  • Take time to strip Cloth Diapers at least once a month.
  • Use Diaper Pail for neat storage of used and stinky diapers.
  • Invest on wet bags for easy storage when you go out.
That\’s it for now…
Happy Cloth Diapering, Mamas!


Baby G wearing the same diaper at 1yr and 9mos.

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  1. Hi Kimmy! I still use traditional ones, but not with embroidered edges, the bird's eye kind which I used with my newborn. Then after that I use it as inserts or wipes whenever my little one is diaper free.


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