Entrance Fee at Dinosaurs Island Park in Clark Pampanga

This is an overdue post weeks ago, when I accompanied my preschooler going to Clark Pampanga for their educational field trip. The trip\’s main attraction was going to Dinosaurs Island. At that time, I was too busy with my work schedule and house chores (plus the baby!) that I didn\’t even bother to google on any reviews on what to expect with the place. When being asked by my curious and excited little boy, I answered that what were gonna  see there were Dinosaur statues,  they were prehistoric creatures and ofcourse, they\’re not real.

I have no idea at all that those dinosaurs, aside from giving an exciting adventure to children, will also give a little scare and can make small ones cry because of fear. Why? simply because they recreate the past mesozoic era using animatronic technology.

Animatronics technology is similar technique they used in movies where gigantic creatures came into life. The sound effects make it more real and thrilling.

My 5 year old boy got the chance to experience what it feels like to ride a dinosaur! This is located right at the park\’s entrance. Tokens for dino ride cost 50 pesos. My son made a quick inspection, touching its skin, maybe convincing himself that it wasn\’t real before he agrees to have a ride. He rode 2 times trying first the small dino and the bigger one after.

There was also a dance performance from the group of dinosaur mascots, (done per batch/group  of visitors) that allows children to have a close interaction, making the experience more memorable. The mascots weren\’t close enough to Barney\’s adorable appearance, so expect some kids that will surely  cry their heart out because of fear! (tamang ngalngal) . I wasn\’t able to capture a nice shot of those dancing Dinos (sorry!) because we came late for the group\’s session that we weren\’t able to witness the whole performance. Well, no regrets at all… we came late because I have to make sure I capture my child\’s souvenir shot with over 30 species of moving dinosaur display in the Forest trail:

Newly hatched (baby cute daw).

Dinosaur \”feeding\” – view from top

He ask for help reading some facts.

Our selfie shot (ngiting pilit!

Our last stop was at Jungle Safari Ride, I had a good laugh while observing the kids\’ priceless reactions! We were attacked and surprised by Dino mascots, and I was really thrilled seeing the kids on how they conquer their fears! Harrrr…

I realized that these 2 boys beside me was already on my lap seeking comfort while trying to hide themselves! hahaha.

Safari ride cost 100 pesos, but our tour guide manage to get tickets for us at discounted price. We only pay 80 pesos  per head (separate payment from school package) to enjoy the ride.

The place is a perfect choice for educational tours especially for pre-schoolers, it\’s truly worth visiting. The kids would definitely enjoy the encounter with these gigantic creatures and will never forget how they saw them moving.


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