More on HVAC Repair from now on

After long consideration, I finally decided to quit my job to fully maximize my time with the kids. I quit not to be a full-time mom (not yet!) but to take advantage of working within office hours, saying goodbye to stressful 24/7 shift rotation and embracing every Sunday as my rest day from work. 

I believe God has made a perfect plan for us, leading  to a much flexible working time and environment that will eventually open up for future business opportunities that I have been dreaming of. I am very much thankful for my Five years employment in the Gaming Industry working with the team that  provides IT services on round the clock operations, and for the good and bad experiences and people I have met along the way. 

Selfie taken during my last day at work (Sunday @ 12-9pm shift).

I don\’t want to be mushy right now, reminding myself that this is after all the best way for me to spend my time. The goal is to spend more time with the kids, less travel time to work and of course, be stress-free. Starting next month, I will be working on a small family business that caters HVAC Repair and maintenance. I am looking forward with my new working hours, which is from 8am to 5pm only, where I can spend all my sleeping and waking hours with the kids that seldom happened because of that shifting schedule.

It will be more on Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning works this time.
Well, I consider this career shift a wise decision for me to focus more on  personal commitments and priorities as a mother. I am  thankful  that I get to realize and take this step before they\’ve all grown up.

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