Mommy thoughts

Hi! This is a post saying I never really abandoned this dear blog of mine. Just a little busy (yah, kaunti lang…) with the kids and the most of the time messy and chaotic home.
I am completely living a different life from before, making my kids be my only priority, forgetting being in the corporate world (or should I say corporate slave?) and thankfully being out of work-related stress.

Summer lovin\’ with baby B and baby G

(as in my Boy and Girl).

Going back, I came up with \”Mommy tots\” when B was only 2 years of age. I end up with \’tots\’ which I meant \’thoughts\’ as this became my online journal of my thoughts as a mother and anything worth blogging. But since G was born, this can be as it is, \’tots\’ for I am now a mommy of 2, where I personally referring the word tots as kids (B wasn\’t a toddler anymore while G was still months away from her 1st birthday).

And now the ultimate goal is to spend more time with these tots. Here\’s my favorite quote as  for this moment:

A good reminder to myself that I didn\’t make a wrong decision.

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