Darth Maul Kid\’s Halloween Costume

Days goes by super fast! (next week would be my B\’s first day in Grade school) and before another halloween comes, let me share this Darth Maul Costume I purchased online for last year\’s Halloween Party.
I almost forgot to make a post about this one. I just saw from my widget the post about my rant on Customs Duties and Taxes that comes along with this purchase, only then I recalled that I totally forgot bragging about this costume, or maybe I\’m still in hate that I got scammed by our own government; making me pay for unreasonable fees.
Anyway, there\’s no way I can undo that unjust experience. So I\’ll just savor my B\’s captured moments during Halloween Celebration at my former office and Costume day at school.

\’Kunyaring pakipot\’ sa pagsukat ng costume! but you can clearly see how this little guy felt during costume fitting. Soooo excited and happy. 

The use of sizing chart for kids is indeed reliable!

My B chose Darth Maul after Star Wars movie marathon and reassures me before purchase that he won\’t be afraid to wear it.

Yes, we have to came up with dual-bladed lightsaber because he won\’t agree to use this one on that big day.

Here it goes:

We bought 2 plastic swords, painted it black and red then we used electrical tape to bind it.
This will do!

Darth Maul transformed!
He chose to be at the dark side of the force so as to scare the small ones \’daw\’.
Na sample-an si Robin…
Photo opp with Buzz and Jessie. 

The kids blurt out their \’whoas!\’ and \’Oooohhhs\’ during Bubble show. They are told not to touch those gigantic bubbles, but they really can\’t help it.
Neighborhood cousins.

The second time he wears this is during Costume Day at school. He had a blast, once again. =)

Playfight with Superman before stepping off the school service.
with Darth Vader… Cuties!

with Teacher Joy as the Wicked Witch.
Oh, I love how kids dressed up! I can\’t wait when my baby Girl would be the one to choose her costume. Yihee! but, husband says not to spend too much for these.

Well, I think it just have to be me being more creative and choose budget-friendly stuff next time. 


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