Refund Process for PLDT\’s Last Home Stand ticket holders

Last night, husband went home disappointed when the 5-on-5 game between Gilas Pilipinas and Fibr All-Stars was, as advised by IGW to PLDT, not allowed by the NBA.

You know, the feeling when you are expecting something big to happen right in front of you, excited and patiently waited, thinking it\’s worthy to spend your time, effort and money but instead went all to waste? 

Take a  look on how giddy he was (on his birthday)  the day we bought the tickets.

Upper box tickets!
Sooo excited like a small kid =)

Here goes what he posted on FB, 4 hours before start of the event:

I wasn\’t watching TV at that time and have no idea how the event turned out. I was really surprised when I saw him arrived at home, broken hearted. =(

Well atleast he was seen on National TV as one of the complainants!

Spurs\’ die hard fan since 2002!

For those who bought tickets for this 2-day event, here\’s the official explanation why the game has been cancelled and ways on how to get the refund:

PLDT announced that the activities for the ‘Last Home Stand’ charity event scheduled for Wednesday, July 23, have been cancelled and released the process for ticket holders seeking refunds for the planned two-day event.

Organizers had to adjust the schedule after the participating NBA players received calls on Tuesday that informed them of possible suspensions from the league should they go through with their involvement in a five-on-five scrimmage.

“We wish to apologize to our Filipino basketball fans for the sudden and disappointing turn of events today. We ourselves are extremely disappointed by this unexpected development,” PLDT chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan said in a statement.

“All we wanted was to give our Filipino basketball fans a real treat while at the same time, through this benefit event, help our countrymen who are still recovering from Supertyphoon Yolanda and more recently Typhoon Glenda.”

PLDT executive vice-president Ariel Fermin assured that ticket holders for Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s events will be refunded in full. Fermin said those seeking a refund may send the following information:

1) Full name;
2) ticket number;
3) contact number;
4) email address either by text message to 0919 614 0865 or email to

The ten-digit ticket number can be found at left portion of the ticket, below the seat number.
– source.

They also provide the ff. hotline numbers for inquiries regarding refunds.


PLDT Home announced cash refund for those who bought at ticketnet outlets and payment reversal for those who purchased via credit card: 

That\’s it! We\’ll be going to Smart Araneta tom . =)

UPDATE as of July 25, 2014:

Husband went to Smart Araneta, earlier today and conveniently refunded the tickets amounting to 16k. Wow, infairness… they provide reliable service to refund process.


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