Hello Kitty Party Theme at Jollibee

Five years ago, we celebrated my son\’s 1st birthday at Jollibee. Now, as my daughter turns 1, we also chose to celebrate at the same venue. We had Hello Kitty party theme for this cutey baby:

We arrived at exactly 4pm as scheduled, I was a bit disappointed to know that the crew were not yet ready to start for the alloted time. The celebrant\’s name wasn\’t even pinned at the tarp. I was expecting for the guests book that supposed to be signed at the entrance, so as to accurately count the number of visitors that joined us, but they informed me that there wasn\’t any. Oh well, another disappointment that  simply can be ignored.

But, I almost loose my cool when a crew informed me that the Hello Kitty favors wasn\’t delivered right on time that is why we can only have 5 Hello Kitty loot bags, and the rest will be Jollitown theme for the girls.

Oookay… I just tried to understand that this is another effect of Jollibee\’s costly IT problem, their system migration from oracle to SAP, resulting to issues with inventory and supplies delivery. Thankful na lang atleast hindi kami na #ChikenSad that day.

So, moved on part… we started 45min. late from the schedule (sigh). Still, I don\’t want to ruin my party mode for this moment  so I just smiled as my brother in-law informed me about misunderstanding regarding gate pass for photobooth\’s equipments that cause delayed set-up.
Smile, little princess!
Adorable Hello Kitty back-drop.
12 x 12 chocolate cake by Red Ribbon.
I chose to add  only Twirlie and Hetty. Each additional mascot appearance costs 1,000. So, they\’re good enough =)
Ang cute ni Jobee sa mga photo opp, I love this one with Kuya.
And, she\’s officially 1!
Hello Kitty party hats, F na F ng mga girls.
The much awaited loot bags were distributed.
Change outfit =P
It was fun partying with Jollibee! The kids appreciated it much from games, prizes and lootbags.
A friend asked me the costs of a Jollibee party for 100 pax including kids. So here\’s a complete list of food and miscellaneous fees we paid, incase you want to compare with other party packages. Reservation fee is 3,000 pesos, I decided not to book online since we always dropped by at the mall.

Party Fee                – 1,250
Lighting                  –    200
Add\’l mascots        – 2,000
Party Favors          – 2,000  
Cake                         – 1,100
                             =    6,550
Adults (I chose to create my own package)
191.00 x 70pax  =      13,370
70 regular coke      
70 chocolate sundae
70 1-pc. Chicken joy w/ spaghetti
70 regular fries

Kids (Food Package A)
133.00 x 30pax =        3,990
30 spaghetti
30 regular fries
30 regular coke
30 chocolate sundae

In our case, we have 4 additional orders: 191.00 x 4 = 764.00

TOTAL = 24,674 (worth it na rin, considering less work for all the preparation).

Thank you all for coming =D
Opening gifts with lola mama\’s help. The mini sofa is a gift from Jollibee.

Alright! 1 party down. Five months to go for the next birthday celebration (kuya turns 7!) as early as now, I am doing my hunt for affordable party packages/ caterers, clown/ magician/ performers that will make up a fun party for kiddos.

5 responses to “Hello Kitty Party Theme at Jollibee”

  1. Sis, anong branch ng jollibee to? Kasi ung inaanak ko magbbday party din siya sa jollibee kaso si Jollibee na mascot lng ung available. Gusto ko sana isponsor ung buong Jolly Town na mga mascot.


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