About to Learn: Why Internet business is the best to replace your 8-5 job

As a WAHM wanna be, I am in need to learn and discover new things that can help me realize my goal. That is, having the time and freedom to work in accordance with my kids\’ schedule. I believe my work schedule should fit in after accomplishing house errands and mommy duties, it should be my work adjusting based on my kids\’ activities not the other way around. Well, sounds great, right? Sadly, that\’s close to impossible and can happen only if I can have a business that doesn\’t require so much of my time, which I think was also far from reality.

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I have in mind of someday owning an Internet business that can create a passive source of income. Atleast, that way I can realistically landed on my goal wherein I can work less and make more using automation tools that successful Internet business owners does.

Reality check? I really don\’t know where to start, I badly needed to do full time learning, or hundreds of research for all the technicality and strategies they used to make a huge success!
So, investing on a learning opportunity comes a big blessing where I believe can get me started with achieving my goal.
Thus, I decided to register on  Internet Income Seminar, a whole day live work shop about creating an online business through blogging, selling digital products, and a lot more. Yesterday was the last day of early bird registration so I grab the discounted rate and convinced myself that the learning advancement would be worth of what I have paid for (husband was against it). 
Fitz Villafuerte, of readytoberich.com and Jon Orana of eskapology.com, partnered to conduct this whole day event on Dec. 6. I am positive of getting loads of info and be totally inspired with their success stories wherein I can definitely start with my own.

Yep, I am feeling hopeful working on with this one and I am too excited to attend. Anyone here who also registered?


3 responses to “About to Learn: Why Internet business is the best to replace your 8-5 job”

  1. Hi EINz, Janice here of Pinay Investor :)I wished the schedule of this seminar was announced earlier..I'd love to attend this however, I already registered for another seminar on the same date. sayang…I hope you could share na lang your experience after the seminar 🙂


  2. Hi Einz! I feel you too 😉 though I don't have a family of my own yet… I am already started to follow my dreams, not others view about works and business. it's hard to prove yourself di ba. but I overcome that already because at the end of the day… what my aims are important ( in your case i guess time with your family) to do what I'd like to do business,freelancing ( different works), blogging, learn more and leisure. Mabuhay!


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