How to Start a Successful Blog

Last week, I’ve attended a whole day seminar with the desire to know the secrets of how I can earn more through blogging and selling digital products.
This is the first time I invested in such a learning opportunity but surprised to found out that most topics discussed were something I already knew and just have to take an action to boost my online presence.Fitz Villafuerte, of and Jon Oraña of has partnered for this whole day live workshop that took place at Ortigas Foundation Inc, Pasig City.

I had been a regular reader of Fitz’s blog, and for quite some time, I’ve been a subscriber of Jon’s website, and honestly, most of the things discussed by Jon were already shared thru the videos and podcast on his email blast.
So the first part of the Seminar was mostly to provide encouragement, his humble beginning and success story, finding your big why, and believing in what you’re capable of doing.


Fast forward to creating an online business through blogging, we were taught how to
validate our chosen ‘niche’ (defined as the core topic of your blog/ website) in which we can sustain a valuable solution to a painful problem. 

As explained by Fitz, we needed to create a “cookie” to our “cookie monster” which means that we needed to come up with valuable (and addicting!) products or services that the customer will grab without a second thought.
Cha-ching! Remember? it’s a solution to a painful problem. It’s up for grab at any costs!
This insight was very helpful to blog starters. Targeting a certain market group is the key to consider what niche to choose.

Oooops! I cannot share through a single blog post what was discussed during the whole day seminar. So I listed below the random key points that I find helpful to aspiring Internet Entrepreneurs like me.

  • Ask yourself “What am I passionate about?”
  • Decide what topic are you interested to learn.
  • Analyze your domain expertise with your chosen niche.
  • Realize that not all passion can turn into a business. You have to make a sustainable and realistic market plan.
  • Provide a valuable product or service to sell.
  • Fall in love with your customers.
  • Success does\’t happen over time. As the old saying goes, you have to work and earn it.
Wasn’t it simple? You just have to fuel yourself up to keep the business running. Success entirely depends on our own mindful actions.
And here’s a set of exercise to consider to determine what product or service to market online:
Try to come up with your own niche using these questions.
Lunch break photo opp with my seatmate, Kris.
Wait, I have to end this post with a souvenir shot with my fave Finance Blogger.

I posted this pic on my FB account and was surprised to discover by a friend’s comment that Fitz’s father was one of the Slot Machine Head whom I worked with at my previous job at the Casino. Wow! small world…


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  1. I agree with you, Einna. Most of the topics in the mail blasts of the speakers are just reiterated in the seminar. But the good thing about the seminar is we are able to ask questions to the speakers face to face. We also learned from, if not inspired by, other attendees.


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