How do BBTs help you get pregnant?

When we try to conceived for our second child, we (or mostly me?) really wished and prayed hard to blessed us with a healthy baby girl.

Since we planned of having a small family and have an eldest son, I desperately wanted to have a baby girl.

I searched for ways on how to conceive a girl,  and choose to use the Chinese Baby Gender Calendar method. According to my research, it has 90% accuracy but not scientifically proven to predict baby gender.

But due to my desperation, I carefully plan my pregnancy using this method. And… it works!

Truly an answered prayer!

When trying to conceive, finding out when you\’re ovulating is a big help to work out on your most fertile time in each cycle.

If you want to have a more accurate ovulation calendar, I suggest using a BBT Thermometer.

Do you know what a BBT Thermometer is? BBT or a Basal Body Temperature is one of the tools that a woman can use to detect her ovulation.

Compared to a regular thermometer, a BBT thermometer is very sensitive that it can detect even the slightest change in the temperature.

BBT thermometers can be purchased over the counter; it should come with a little chart that you can use as you jot down your temperature result. As you go along, you’ll get to know your usual temperature.

Most BBTs can be taken, orally. According to, take your BBT once a day, as soon as you wake up but before getting out of bed. What we are looking for is a sudden shift or drop in your temperature.

Usually about .4 degrees shift. When you see that on your chart, it most probably means that you are nearing ovulation. 

The gender predictor, plus the use of BBT was surely a big help to determine your most fertile time following your chinese lunar age.

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