Natural Cowhide Rugs For You

When it comes to your home, you want to make sure that you property is equipped with the best materials. After all, the look of your home says a lot about who you are. 
That\’s why you should definitely invest in a stylish and natural cowhide rug. These nature-made rugs provide so many different benefits to the homeowner.

Zebra Print Rug

Natural Beauty
One of the main reasons why people turn to cowhide for their rugs is because this material offers a unique combination of both colors and shapes. There are no two cowhide rugs that are exactly the same.

Sure, they come in similar shades of black and white, but each is different from the next. You can also tend to tell the breeds that each rug was made from based on the colors being used. For the most part, though, cowhide rugs come in solid black, gray, brown and white.

Remember, since animals come in all different sizes, you can find rugs that are small, medium and large.

Versatility Cow hide rugs do not have to be used for one specific reason. Instead, these rugs are very versatile. You can use cowhide rugs to adorn walls almost like a framed painting or as simply something to stand on.

The options are endless here. It\’s all about your personal taste in interior design.

However, many people like getting rugs made from cowhide because this material is actually very soft and comfortable. Besides using the cowhide as a wall hanging or rug, you can also turn it into a throw.

This will bring natural flair to any room in the house. It really is becoming the new wave in decorating.


It is important to note that cow hide is very tough. That means this material can withstand whatever you throw its way. This type of rug won\’t fall apart with the wear and tear.

Instead, it will stay looking the same way it did when you first got it. Cowhide is not only as tough as leather, but also very soft and pliable. That\’s why it makes for such a great rug.

Easy to Care For

Another reason why so many homeowners opt for rugs made out of cow hide is because they are super easy to clean. All you need is a damp sponge filled with warm water and some mild soap.

From there, just rub gently onto the spot covered with dirt and you will notice a real difference. Other than that method, you can also clean the cowhide by simply giving the rug a good shaking. This will fluff the thick coat and get rid of any debris that may be stuck in there.

Helps with Breathing

Homeowners love having a cowhide rug in their home because they won\’t have to worry about allergic reactions. That\’s because these rugs are actually hypo-allergenic which means you will be able to breathe freely in your home, while still bringing a charming and stylish piece to your home.

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